VS-Bitmap Collector

Optical traffic measurements

The OCIT standard for transmission protocols of traffic measurement data (OCIT-I PD) has recently been defined and introduced. It is a powerful standard for network-wide distribution of traffic data. More and more applications support this standard, e.g. applications for quality control or for traffic observation (like VS-WorkSuite and VS-pCoq). Unfortunately there are still many older systems that are not compatible with the OCIT standard. For most of these systems it will not be possible to upgrade them. Therefore they will not be able to contribute to data collection and data evaluation. But often there is no need to connect such a system online to the traffic data network. In these instances it is sufficient for quality analysis or any other study to be able to access data from one or several days, offline. That's where the VS-Bitmap Collector can help. It exists in two configurations: 

Film analysis

In the case of a fixed camera monitoring an intersection, VS-Bitmap Collector is able to analyze the films, to detect vehicles in predefined locations and to export the detection data in the OCIT-I PD format. Advanced algorithms minimize erroneous detections, resulting from moving shadows or changing light conditions. Right now, we offer this option of the VS-Bitmap Collector as a service only. This is in order to guarantee optimum quality of the results.

Screen analysis

Some traffic computers are able to display detector impulses on a surveillance screen via small lamps that show an on state when a vehicle enters the corresponding detector and an off state when the vehicle leaves the detector. These changes can be observed and detected by the VS-Bitmap Collector and logged in OCIT-I PD format.

Product sheet

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