GPS-Based Trajectory Analysis

By measuring delays of public transport vehicles, the traffic engineer can discover priority treatment problems at some intersections.

A GPS-bases trajectory analysis system consists of the following parts:

  • The mobile unit which is installed in a public transport vehicle or in any other probe car:

Figure 15: Mobile GPS unit

The mobile unit consists of a mobile computer (left) and a GPS receiver (right).

  • The fixed unit with the evaluation program:

Figure 16: Fixed GPS evaluation unit

The next figure shows two examples of GPS trajectory evaluations:

  • Distance/Time (left): Delays can easily be seen in the graph when identical trajectories are compared
  • Speed/Distance (right): The driven speed on the whole trajectory is shown; several identical trajectories can be compared, but the distance information is lost.

Figure 17: GPS trajectory evaluations

More information can be found the the VS-GPS introduction.