VS-pCoq Facts

VS-pCoq is an online and offline quality control tool family.

Main Features

  • Evaluation and display of measured traffic data
  • Valuation of control according to quality criteria
  • Real time display
  • Traffic data archive Different traffic data sources can be used (online, archive, simulation)
  • Quality assurance for signal control
    • before/after studies of timing plan modifications
  • Evaluation of signalization and detector protocols
    • start-up behavior
    • Green, red time statistic
    • Comparison of weighted and actual values
    • Highest delay approaches
    • Travel times of transit vehicles
  • Simulation of traffic flow based on measured data
    • Delays, queue-lengths

Program Strengths

  • Evaluation and Representation
    • according to common criteria such as phase diagrams, cycle times, normalized waiting times, but also distribution functions and other statistical properties
  • Valuation by Quality Criteria
    • quality of control, intensity of bus priority (public transportation priority)
  • Real Time Display
    • all evaluations display the values in real time in order to visualize evolutions in an easy way
  • Housekeeping for Measured Traffic Data
    • archiving and condensing the measurements
  • Free Combination of Source and Evaluation
    • data sources, archiving functions, evaluations, visualizations, simulation, and observation of non-directly measurable values can be arbitrarily combined