VS-VISTA has been developed for the work directly at the intersection controller. VS-VISTA runs on a notebook which communicates with the intersection controller via a serial interface.

The test and diagnogis tool for fix-time and traffic-actuated signal control.

Testing a control program on-line is very easy with VS-VISTA. In addition to measured signals from vehicle detectors, any signal can be generated by a simple mouse click on the computer screen. This makes it possible to test different traffic situations under real conditions. Detector calls and signal phases are visualized in diagrams. At the same time, protocols are written to disk to allow for a reproduction of the test session later in the office.

Another strength of VS-VISTA is its ability to evaluate a control scheme according to traffic engineering criteria. The off-line protocol analysis can not only generate statistical information about green and red times,
 but also keep track of maximum and minimum values. Using the evaluation package VS-WorkSuite QA, almost any desired value can be calculated as a time series of mean waiting times or queue lengths.
A VS-PLUS control can be downloaded and modified directly at the intersection using VS-VISTA. The so-called VCE parameter file can be processed with a Windows user interface. It can be up and downloaded during normal signal operation from and to a reserved data memory area.

VS-VISTA is a test and diagnosis tool which does not depend on the use of a special control scheme. It is independent from the algorithms used in the control process, which simplifies testing and makes it more economic. Quality control is important when developing a signal control logic and timing plan, VS-VISTA is the right tool for that.