Welcome to the Home of VS-PLUS !

  • VS-PLUS is a fully traffic actuated control software. It has especially been designed for implementing Public Transport priority while keeping coordination with other intersections.
  • VS-PLUS is controller-independent. If your city has different controller types, VS-PLUS runs exactly the same on all controllers.
  • VS-PLUS control can be simulated before going live to the intersection.
  • VS-PLUS can cope with complex intersections:
    • up to 48 signal heads,
    • up to 120 detectors,
    • up to 3 intersections controlled by the same controller.
  • VS-PLUS comes with a set of tools for parameterization, simulation, test, and quality control. Discover all our products on the products pages.

VS-PLUS has been used for over 25 years in Switzerland, the United States, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and China.