The traffic actuated control software VS-PLUS is capable of handling fully traffic actuated single intersections and coordinated networks with semi-traffic actuation. The so-called frame signal plan technology also makes VS-PLUS ideal for adaptive network control algorithms.

The traffic-actuated standard control software for all controllers

VS-PLUS runs on different generations of several German, Dutch and Swiss controllers. Since its first implementation in Switzerland in 1983, VS-PLUS has been installed at more than 1000 intersections throughout Europe.

A special strength of VS-PLUS is its ability to handle signal priority for public transit vehicles. Its high flexibility allows for the implementation of all kinds of traffic control specialties. Once installed in a controller, VS-PLUS exhibits not only high control efficiency but also its maintenance is very economic. Due to its parameter based logic definition, VS-PLUS can be adapted to changing traffic conditions at any time, even when major changes in the control strategy are involved.
 VS-PLUS has a user-friendly, visual interface for development, test and simulation. It enables the traffic engineer to develop and test the complete control logic on a Windows PC on his desk. The algorithm is implemented in the intersection controller by simply downloading a parameter set.
VS-PLUS and its development environment for intersection control is continuously being updated to address new problems and wishes of our customers. A widespread use guarantees not only high control quality but also enables economic efficiency through independence from manufacturers and standardized workflow in administration.

VS-PLUS is available for intersection controllers from the following manufacturers: