You can download the brochure that describes in general our product philopophy here:
Our System  [PDF, 2.00 MB]

The Verkehrs-Systeme AG (english: Traffic Systems, Ltd.) has three business areas:

  • Products
    • VS-PLUS (control algorithm for traffic intersections)
    • visual VS-PLUS (development environment for traffic intersection controllers)
    • VS-VISTA (interface between intersection controller or central traffic computer and work environment of traffic engineers)
    • VS-WorkSuite: integrating the workflow by modules for
      • visual VS-PLUS
      • VS-VISTA
      • new: quality analysis for traffic control
    • VS-pCoq Spy (traffic observation and visualization with optional 3D display)
  • Engineering
    • Control system development for traffic control according to customer requirements (city and highway traffic control)
  • Consulting
    • for traffic planning and traffic control systems

Products and Services

  • High competence in traffic control technologies
  • Software and consulting in transportation planning and traffic engineering
  • Standardized traffic actuated control software VS-PLUS
  • User interfaces and applications for control tasks and control analysis

Corporate Philosophy

  • Innovative solutions combined with competence and experience
  • State-of-the-art technology in traffic engineering
  • A supply of open system platforms and software packages with transparent, standardized and freely accessible interfaces
  • Independence from the big system suppliers together with the ability to incorporate specific customer solutions and products from other suppliers

Technical Support and Service

  • In-house training using local applications
  • On-line help systems in all software tools
  • E-mail support
  • Telephone and fax support


VS-PLUS is a standardised tool for planing, testing and implementation of programs for traffic controllers:

  • Minimised expenditure
  • Reducing of time requirement
  • Rationalisation of planing process
  • Automation through process employment